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Day Star Care, located in the heart of St. Paul-Minneapolis, offers a comprehensive range of home health services tailored to meet individual needs. Our Personal Care Assistance Twin Cities program focuses on empowering residents to live independently by assisting with daily tasks, ensuring safety and comfort. Our Homemaking Services St. Paul takes care of everyday chores, from cleaning to meal preparations, ensuring homes are both comfortable and nurturing. For those seeking companionship, our Adult Companion Services Minneapolis offers genuine connections, reducing feelings of loneliness and enhancing emotional well-being. Lastly, our Night Supervision Twin Cities service ensures peaceful nights, with trained professionals providing a watchful presence throughout the night. Trust Day Star Care for the most comprehensive and compassionate home health services in the Twin Cities.

Personal Care Assistance

Ensure the well-being of your loved ones with our Personal Care Assistance. Our trained caregivers assist with daily tasks, ensuring safety, comfort, and dignity. Helping residents of the Twin Cities live independently is our utmost priority.

Home Making

Let Day Star Care handle the everyday chores. From cleaning to meal preparations, our homemaking services ensure a comfortable and nurturing home environment. We're dedicated to making home feel like home in St. Paul-Minneapolis.

Adult Companion Care

Loneliness is a thing of the past with our Adult Companion Services. Our compassionate companions engage, converse, and share activities, ensuring emotional well-being and brightening days in Minneapolis.


Sleep soundly knowing your loved ones are cared for. Our Night Supervision services provide a watchful presence, ensuring safety and immediate assistance if needed. Trust us for undisturbed nights in the Twin Cities.

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Day Star Care has been a beacon of hope and care for countless families across the Twin Cities. Rooted in St. Paul-Minneapolis, our mission is to provide top-notch, individualized care that empowers our clients to lead fulfilling lives right in the comfort of their homes. Our team of dedicated professionals is trained to cater to diverse needs, ensuring that each individual receives the care they truly deserve.

Choosing Day Star Care means choosing commitment, compassion, and unparalleled professionalism. Let us be your guiding star in the realm of home health care. Dive deeper into our offerings, hear stories from our satisfied clients, and understand why we are the most trusted name in the Twin Cities. Reach out today and let us illuminate the path to better home health care for you and your loved ones.

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