Adult Companion Care Minneapolis

Enriching Lives Through Companionship

Individual Community Living (ICLS) Supports

Our ACC services are focused on helping individuals achieve remedial or community integration goals, as outlined in their support plans. It’s not just about company; it’s about meaningful interactions and genuine connections.

How Our Adult Companions Assist:

Our dedicated companions support clients in diverse ways:

  • Offering company during social gatherings, mitigating feelings of isolation.
  • Engaging in activities like movies, helping clients understand and emulate behaviors.
  • Playing board games to foster motor skills improvement.
  • Providing guidance for tasks through verbal or visual instructions.
  • Assisting with home management tasks in St. Paul and Minneapolis, including cleaning, meal preparations, and general household care.

What Our Adult Companion Care Doesn't Cover:

While our Adult Companion Care services are comprehensive, there are certain areas we do not cater to:

  • Payments for activities.
  • Recreational social activities.
  • Assistance with daily living activities.
  • Direct hands-on nursing care.

At DayStar, we’re committed to providing top-notch Adult Companion Care in Minneapolis, ensuring every individual feels valued, engaged, and integrated into their community.

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