In-Home Support for
Individuals Services

Provides assistance with daily activities
and care for individuals who need additional
support in their own homes.

Engage at every age and
play different game in your life

Facts About Individual home support Services

Individualized home supports are given to people in their own home and on one of the following conditions: Brain Injury (BI), Community Alternative Care (CAC), and Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI).

Community Living Service

How do we help with Community Participation?

Health, Wellness, and Safety

What do we offer in Household Management?

Services we do not cover:

Difference between IHS and ILS

If the person only needs training then he should get Independent Living Skill training. If the person needs the training and the support then IHS is best for him as it provides all kinds of training and support that he needs to live a life like normal people.

How do we provide IHS?

We can provide you IHS assistance remotely as well as in person. Remote services are provided if the person meets the criteria whereas the in-person contact happens once a week.

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