Semi Independent Living
(SILS) Services

Semi-independent living services are typically designed for individuals who have a disability,
mental health condition, or other support needs.

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Facts About SILS Services

Semi-Independent Living Services are provided to those individuals who have a developmental disability or any related health condition to live a normal and successful life.

Eligibility Criteria


We offer the following services under the category of Semi-Independent Living Services. Under SILS, an individual may get a one-time lodging recompense of up to $1,500. This recompense may take care of a portion of the costs identified with harm or security stores for lodging rentals, utility stores, association costs, family goods, and different things important to empower the individual to tie down a home where to get SILS. The objective of SILS is to help individuals in manners that empower them to accomplish wanted results and lead self-coordinated lives. SILS incorporate preparing and help to:

Services we do not cover:

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