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Empowering Independent Living

Individual Community Living (ICLS)

At Daystar, our ICLS Support Services are meticulously crafted to assist individuals with developmental disabilities. Our goal is to empower them to lead independent lives, fully integrated within their communities.

Understanding ICLS Services

Our ICLS approach is comprehensive, spanning across six distinct categories to provide both cognitive and physical assistance tailored to each individual’s needs. From active cognitive support to ensuring meaningful community interactions, our services encompass a holistic approach to care.

Our ICLS services include:

Active Cognitive Support

Our Active Cognitive Support focuses on addressing cognitive challenges faced by our clients. Whether it’s through reminders or offering mental support, we’re here to assist. This category provides both physical and remote assistance, tailored to the unique cognitive needs of the individual. Services under this umbrella include:

  • Assisting with daily concerns.
  • Providing assurance to clients.
  • Observing and redirecting behaviors.

Adaptive Support Services

Empowerment and self-sufficiency are at the heart of our Adaptive Support Services. We aim to guide clients, helping them adapt to their environment and engage in activities that foster independence. Key offerings include:

  • Providing guidance, both verbal and visual, to aid task completion.
  • Setting reminders, like calendar alerts, empowering clients to manage their tasks.
  • Assisting in understanding written instructions, such as prescriptions, furthering their journey towards independence.

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