24 Hour Emergency
Assistance Services

24-hour emergency care services provide medical attention for individuals who require immediate medical care outside of regular business hours.

Committed to Your Safety and Well-Being Around the Clock

24 Hour Emergency Assistance St. Paul-Minneapolis

Eligibility for Our Emergency Services:

We cater to clients who:

  • Currently lack emergency care at home and require significant support.

  • Reside with a primary caregiver but need emergency backup when the caregiver is unavailable.

Overview of Our 24 Hour Emergency Care

Ensuring the safety and health of your loved ones is our top priority. At Day Star Care, we offer dedicated 24 Hour Emergency Assistance tailored for residents in St. Paul-Minneapolis. Whether it’s on-call counseling or immediate physical support during a health crisis, we’re here for you every minute, every hour.

Key Definitions:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Care:
    This encompasses on-call counseling Twin Cities residents can trust, and immediate physical aid during health emergencies.

  • Primary Caregiver:
    The individual chiefly accountable for the care of the person in need, typically living in the same residence as the care recipient.

Our Comprehensive Services

Services with Equipment:

  • PERS installation St. Paul and surrounding areas: We ensure the Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is properly set up and functioning.

  • Continuous PERS device monitoring for optimal safety.

Services without Equipment:

  • On-call problem solving: Quick resolutions to unexpected challenges.

  • Emergency health support Minneapolis residents can rely on: Personalized assistance right in the comfort of home.

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